Christine Hart - My Planet First

I’m delighted to share my Lifestyle and experiences as my deep LOVE for our beautiful blue planet

A passion I try to transmit to my kids by showing them the wonders of our world but at the same time making them aware of the irreversible climate change and the impact on environment following a reckless behaviour.
I define myself as a curious, nomadic and adventurer mother, very lucky and grateful to have been in the most remote places on earth, meeting up with incredible people with amazing jobs such as astronauts, intrepid and brave journalists and many other dedicated scientists that shared their knowledge and concerns on environmental degradation issues, feeling the obligation to translate these to the world.
Hope you enjoy my BLOG and please feel free to share and spread, we are urged to educate our children and help others to keep our only legacy for future generations. This can only be achieved with LOVE, and by choosing our planet first, leaving our Egos in our pockets, forgetting our flags, religions, languages, cultural differences and borders. We are basically all humans and we all live in one only planet: Mother Earth.
The story about the ocean

Oceans cover 70% of our planet surface and we are urged to teach our children the importance of the tragedy we are seeing today. If we don’t react quickly and stop it, in 2050 there will be more plastics floating than fish in our Oceans. Here some tips to start with. #inthistogether

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