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I’m delighted to share my Lifestyle and experiences as my deep LOVE for our beautiful blue planet

A passion I try to transmit to my kids by showing them the wonders of our world but at the same time making them aware of the irreversible climate change and the impact on environment following a reckless behaviour.
I define myself as a curious, nomadic and adventurer mother, very lucky and grateful to have been in the most remote places on earth, meeting up with incredible people with amazing jobs such as astronauts, intrepid and brave journalists and many other dedicated scientists that shared their knowledge and concerns on environmental degradation issues, feeling the obligation to translate these to the world.
Hope you enjoy my BLOG and please feel free to share and spread, we are urged to educate our children and help others to keep our only legacy for future generations. This can only be achieved with LOVE, and by choosing our planet first, leaving our Egos in our pockets, forgetting our flags, religions, languages, cultural differences and borders. We are basically all humans and we all live in one only planet: Mother Earth.

The story about the ocean

Oceans cover 70% of our planet surface and we are urged to teach our children the importance of the tragedy we are seeing today. If we don’t react quickly and stop it, in 2050 there will be more plastics floating than fish in our Oceans. Here some tips to start with. #inthistogether

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| August 19, 2019 Leave your thoughts

This picture was taken somewhere on the Indian highway where two elephants reach out to each other in a brief moment of love and bonding before being separated from each other for a lifetime of serving man. It’s well known that elephants value their family structure, perhaps more so than... Read more


| July 31, 2019 Leave your thoughts

I never liked visiting animals in the Zoo. Not even when I was a child. I love now when my children  enjoy the animal world in the wild.  I was touched not only by the beauty of the landscapes but the magical sensation of touching wild horses and feel contented... Read more

Oceans needs Kindness not plastics

| June 20, 2019 Leave your thoughts

Living in Asia and traveling through Indonesia for the past few years has struck me back, I couldn’t believe the huge amount of plastics everywhere in all the beaches. I was shocked! I decided with my family to do something. We started to organice beach cleaning with the schoolars and contacted... Read more


| April 30, 2019

When I visited Thailand with my children I decided to experience the joy of being with an elephant but from another perspective, without the need of riding it.. We visited instead a Sanctuary where they took care of elephants that had suffered enormously in the entertainment business. Our experience was simply wonderful! We... Read more


| May 3, 2019

During our travels in Utah and Arizona we had the pleasure to meet the German artist “ Ulrike Arnold”. When we visited her in one of the Glen Canyon Caves, where she could even spend a whole week painting inspired by nature… we learned the process of the pigments selection that... Read more

Environmental tragedy

| May 17, 2019 Leave your thoughts

The journey of ALBATROSS began in 2008 with the activist/photographer Chris Jordan. Studying the newly-emerging issue of ocean plastic pollution, learning a stunning environmental tragedy taking place on a tiny atoll in the center of the vast North Pacific Ocean. The expedition photographed and filmed thousands of young albatrosses that... Read more

Consumerism greed

| May 17, 2019 Leave your thoughts

In 2018, awareness campaign Zero Waste Week reported that the cosmetics industry produces 120 billion units of packaging each year. Those boxes are the result of an annually loss of 18 million acres of forest.  What can we do?  Reducing packaging helps the planet: Why not ask for a simple wrap instead... Read more